Sivananda Reddy Mandra


Sivananda Reddy Mandra is an experienced law enforcement bureaucrat turned entrepreneur with over 35 years of rich experience. Graduated from NIT, Warangal, he had a commendable service of over 18+ years in the A.P. Police in different capacity, his last assignment was Superintendent of Police, Head of Cyber Crime and Women Protection. Having vivid experience and leadership skills he ventured and established Vessella Group, a renowned luxury housing brand.
As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Vessella Group, he oversees the strategic direction and operational excellence of the company, driving growth and expansion initiatives. With a rich background in business management and entrepreneurship, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of leading organizations, with a successful track record of delivering renowned luxury housing brand. Under his leadership, Vessella Group has expanded its footprint and diversified its portfolio, exploring new opportunities for growth and development. Sivananda Reddy is a distinguished business leader with a proven track record of driving growth and innovation across multiple industries, embracing diversification he has ventured into various businesses, including Aggregates, RMC, Hospitality, Stem Cell Banking, with focus in Pharma and Life Sciences segments, driven by passion for contributing to the healthcare that are working in addressing scientific challenges across diverse drug discovery and development verticals on giving access to quality healthcare solutions.