Rajasekar Narayanasamy


Rajasekar Narayanasamy is a seasoned leader with over 40 years of rich experience, showcasing expertise across diverse corporate functions, with extensive background in finance, treasury, Company Secretary, costing, taxation, systems, operations, research, sales, project and corporate governance. His is a qualified FCA, AICWA, ACS, and LLB. Rajasekar has served in various capacities, including Director on the Board, member of the Audit Committee, and Compensation Committee, Director-CFO & Secretary, Financial Advisor to Sanofi Healthcare and Virchow Biotech, CEO of Shanta West, US R&D subsidiary.
Rajasekar is currently engaged as the Financial Advisor to Sanofi Healthcare and Virchow Biotech, he is the Ex. Director-CFO & Secretary of Sanofi Healthcare, Sanofi Group. His notable achievements span finance and treasury management, where he handled substantial loan portfolios, managed investments, and navigated forex exposures. He played a pivotal role in IPOs of Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (NFCL). In the realm of mergers and acquisitions, he managed significant FDI transactions and facilitated due diligences. His expertise extends to commercial functions, where he led purchase and supply chain management, negotiation for major expenditures, and played a key role in pricing strategies. Rajasekar has excelled in project appraisal and funding, overseeing multi-billion projects in NFCL and Shantha. His credit rating experience includes handling CRISIL, CARE, and Fitch for various financial instruments. He has been at the forefront of corporate governance and compliance, serving as a Compliance Officer and Company Secretary. He has regulatory exposure, especially as CEO of Shantha West, involved interactions with USFDA for NDA approvals, highlighting his understanding of drug regulations, clinical laws and WHO approvals.