Biswanath Majumder, Ph.D

Associate Vice President
Translational Biology

Dr. Biswanath Majumder is a seasoned leader in translational research. He has two and half decades of experience in cancer research, immunology and immunooncology, illustrating his journey from training in major academic institutes in Japan and the USA to leadership roles in the innovative deep-tech ecosystem, where he is passionately involved in developing precision oncology-guided functional platforms. He has served in various lead and advisory positions in the last 16 years. His unique niche expertise in the tumour and immune microenvironment, its mechanistic milieu, and critical insights in translational oncology have accelerated the development of several potential best-in-class and first-in-class molecules. He published over 28 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals like the International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research, Nature Communications, Science Signaling and iScience. Dr. Majumder received his PhD from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India, and a post-doctoral research fellowship from Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

Dr. Majumder has worked in renowned companies & academia like Bugworks Research, Mestastop Solutions, Akamara Biomedicines, Mitra Biotech, University of Pittsburgh, Harvard Medical School and Hyogo Institute of Clinical Research.